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Phaedra Music

Phaedra was founded in 1992 by Luc Famaey and originally concentrated on releasing hidden gems of Flemish classical music. Since then the label have released many award winning albums and is Phaedra the premium source of Flemish classical music in the world. Quite often the music was recorded for release on CD for the very first time. Later the label started to release CD’s from international composers as well.

The label was acquired by DMW early 2019 and a third – contemporary – series was introduced.

Phaedra has three main series of releases:

  • In Flanders’ Fields: Classical music from Flanders. Mainly composed by Flemish composers and performed by Flemish musicians and vocalists.
  • Classics: Classical music from international composers mainly performed by Flemish musicians and vocalists.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary music composed and performed by current composers.

The Phaedra Music series:

Classics series
In Flanders' Fields series
Contemporary series